Financing Your Education

Museum Studies Partial Departmental Fellowships

The Museum Studies Program has several fellowships that partially support entering students each year. These fellowships are only open to students applying for the Master of Arts program for a fall semester start and are awarded based on academic merit. To be considered, students must submit a completed application by January 5th and indicate on the application that they wish to be considered for fellowships.

Other Fellowships

GW has other fellowships that are open to students throughout GW. If you would like to apply for other fellowship opportunities, please visit the Office of Assistantships and Fellowships.

Financial Aid

Many students do receive financial aid in the form of Federal Stafford Loans. Please visit the Office of Financial Assistance for more information.


Many of our students work either part-time or full-time while completing the Museum Studies Program.

Students who have received Federal Work Study or who are interested in working in a part-time student position on campus should contact the GW Career Center for more information.

Students interested in working full-time and attending the Museum Studies Program part-time, may want to consider working for GW. Many positions at GW have tuition benefits associated with them that can significantly help to cover the cost of the program.

For more information or to view open positions at GW, please visit the Human Resources Department.

Tuition Rates

The current tuition rates can be found here.

International Applicants

Before admission can be completed, the Financial Certificate citing funding resources must be submitted. Funds must be certified in U.S. currency only. You will need copies of your financial documentation to prove to U.S. consular officials that you have sufficient funds to attend GW for the duration of your studies. We suggest, therefore, that you make copies of this and all supporting documents.