The key to the Museum Studies Program's success is that each faculty member had a distinguished career in the museum profession prior to coming to GW to teach in the program. The program's faculty leverage their professional connections to the museum community for the benefit of our students not only for teaching and research, but also for job placement. To stay abreast of current issues and practices, the faculty continue to serve the museum community through professional consulting, publishing, lecturing, and volunteer positions on professional boards and conferences which further raises the reputation of the program.

The Museum Studies Program could not function without its distinguished part-time faculty. The wealth of experienced museum professionals in the D.C. area who are willing to teach what they practice allows the program to offer a broad range of courses in all facets of museum studies.

Quote from an Alumna

Museum Studies

"When I started thinking about what I wanted to do with my life I focused on my love of history and museums. After some searching I found the Museum Studies program at GW and it seemed perfect. Washington, D.C. is the best place in the country to experience history and contains a vast array of museums. The Museum Studies program was the best way for me to bring my two interests together and develop them into a career."

- Carly Ward, MA Museum Studies