Program FAQs


Can I intern my first semester in the Museum Studies Program?

No. You must complete your first semester in the program before interning for credit.

Can I count past experience for one of my two required internships or have an internship waived?

 No. Past experience is not counted towards the internship requirement.

Do I have to pay tuition on internships?

Yes. A three-credit internship has the same tuition rate as a three-credit course.

Can I do more than 260 hours at one internship?

Yes, but hours in excess of 260 do not count towards your second internship.

Comprehensive Exam

When is the Museum Studies Comprehensive Exam ("Comp") offered?

The comprehensive exam occurs twice during the academic year: once in mid-November and once in mid-March. Fall graduates should take the exam in mid-November, while Summer and Spring graduates should take the exam in mid-March.

Writing Requirement

When is the Writing Requirement due?

For Fall graduates, the Writing Requirement is due December 1st.
For Spring/Summer graduates, the Writing Requirement is due March 1st.

Where can I get the Writing Requirement Form?

Hard copies are available in the Museum Studies office suite or are available to print here.

Who reviews the paper I submit for the Writing Requirement and signs the form?

The professor who taught the course for which the paper was originally written or the professor who advised you about the paper.

How do I submit my Writing Requirement to be considered for the Marie C. Malaro Excellence in Writing and Research Award?

Check the box on the Writing Requirement Form that says you’d like to be considered for the Malaro Award and submit your paper by March 25th.


Do I have to apply to graduate?

Yes. Whether or not you participate in the graduation ceremonies, you must submit a Graduation Application to CCAS and pay a graduation fee.

Where can I get the Graduation Application?

The Graduation Application can be found online here.