Nonprofit Management Certificate

MSTD Master’s candidates who focus on museum management are now eligible to receive a certificate in Nonprofit Management from GW’s Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration. This certificate program will allow our management track students the opportunity to graduate with both an MA in Museum Studies and a Certificate in Non­profit Management.

Eligibility: Department approval is required. In order to undertake the certificate, students admitted to the MSTD MA program must apply to the Trachtenberg School and be accepted into the certificate program. Students will be required to complete four (4) Museum Studies Program Museum Management and Leadership track courses (see course list) and four (4) courses from the Non­profit Management program in the Trachtenberg School (PPPA 6031 and 6032 are required plus any two of the following: PPPA 6016, 6033, 6034, 6053, 6058). Museum Studies students will also complete 4 additional Museum Studies courses, complete two museum internships, submit a paper for the writing requirement and pass a comprehensive exam. A plan of study will be completed during the first semester